What Is The Main Purpose Of Education?

The common perception today is that knowledge is the name given to the process of learning to speak, read, listen and write in a formal way, the purpose of which is to prepare a person for a profession or skill. To solve two basic problems of life: employment and marriage. This idea, as Yong says, also, I think, paints a partial picture of the purpose of education. What is the main purpose of education? This question (if we start with Greece) is about three thousand years old. This means that this question has been facing man for three thousand years. When Aristotle considers life, his desire for “happiness” seems to be the center of human life, and in the eyes of a high-ranking philosopher like Aristotle, reaching that center depends on the correct use of reason.

What Is The Correct Use Of Intellect?

This is the question they seek in the golden mean principle. The path to the golden middle is found between the two extremes, for example on one side is cowardice which shows a lack of courage. This is the extreme of not having a characteristic, it is the extreme of being bold, it shows the extreme of being courageous and it is the extreme of being. There is bravery in the golden middle. This means that both boldness and cowardice are harmful.

Therefore, avoiding both extremes is a sign of wisdom. The principle attached to it in the middle of stupid stubbornness and cowardice. Foolish stubbornness is a sign of not having fear, and cowardice is a sign of too much fear and the middle way is then courage or bravery. A middle ground is between having too much and not having too much lust, which feeds moderation.

What’s happening in the West and America?

Shows indiscretion in lust, and in some religions, lust has been denied. This attitude points to another extreme. The next principle relates to livelihood and wealth and expenses. On the one hand, there is stinginess that is, refraining from giving anything to anyone. On the other hand, it is a waste of money to give everything to others. The middle ground is moderation, and it is also a very important principle. What is happening in the world is that some countries have extreme poverty and some countries have extreme waste. If wasteful spending is controlled, the hungry and thirsty can be easily provided with bread and water, and it should be borne in mind that the countries with the highest populations. She is also the result of a kind of sexual imbalance. Another principle is the middle ground between more modesty, humility, and arrogance, which can be called pride or legitimate self-esteem. In the same way, not having anger at all is detrimental to the defense, and having too much anger is also extreme and in the middle is moderate.

His interpretation clarified the principle of the Golden Middle

It simply means, wisely, that there is moderation, or balance, between the two extremes, and in that balance lies the secret of mental and physical health. A small example will make this even clearer. First, we eat too much, when the stomach starts to bloat, then it is time to look for prescriptions, to reduce obesity in some way and we do it when the doctor says that the alarm is ringing. Then do abstinence, and also give charity. On the other hand, there are those who do not have two loaves of bread or a balanced diet.

Aristotle’s theory of the golden age

It was introduced about three thousand years ago. People are unaware of their scientific and practical importance. Because traders do not want people to be educated in a way that is moderate or moderate. If people, i.e. consumers, follow the path of moderation, then there will be no “justism”. When there is no “mere worship”, the wealth of the merchants will not be sold. That is why they want to spread the principle of intemperance. Therefore, they will oppose any teaching that is moderate or moderate.

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