Knowledge Is A Wealth

Knowledge is a wealth which, after acquiring it, makes one feel taller and superior to other (illiterate) human beings and appears to be sown in front of an ignorant, educated person. Provided that the attribute of man is humanity within the educated man.

But the unfortunate point is that the nation which was founded on Iqra, the nation which was made obligated to acquire knowledge and which was instructed:

“Get knowledge from mother’s lap to grave.”

Today the same nation has reached the last stage of social, moral, economic, and educational decline. The nation whose rich treasures of knowledge and wisdom have enriched the West, today the same nation stands in the last row in the field of knowledge and skills.

In a nation where knowledge and skills do not exist, poverty comes, and when poverty comes, it leads to thousands of crimes.”

Man has a wealth of knowledge, he can also command the stars if he wants. It can lift itself even higher than the stars of the sky, and by turning as bright as the sun, can change the darkness of ignorance from the whole world into the light of knowledge. Because knowledge is a light before which the sun, moon, and stars all appear dim and dim.

The Pinnacle Of Development:

To reach the pinnacle of development, any nation has to go through the ladder of knowledge, art, trade, and individuality. Anyway! It was a matter of knowledge, so the discussion should be on the same subject. There was a time when educated people had to carry a lamp in broad daylight, but today times have changed. Rather, let’s say that after independence, more than one revolution has taken place in Indian society. The result is obvious, that today, as a relay of a passionate river, a gymnasium is seen rising towards colleges and universities. Despite this general trend, the quality of education is declining. Today we do not consider education as education, we consider it as a source of entertainment and also a means of spending time. Today we have forgotten the real purpose of education and its spirituality and have limited this education to books only and have come to understand that its purpose is nothing but to get degrees.

Society Is Becoming A Victim Of Corruption:

But even more unfortunate is the fact that education is booming. By the way, this society is becoming a victim of corruption. This is the result of the escape from the realities of education, that humanity has vanished and animalism is increasing and today man himself has become the enemy of humanity. The earlier literacy rate was low, people were less literate, then unity was created in abundance, but today the literacy rate has also increased, and we have also reached the peak of education. Still living a life of abundance in unity. Because the purpose of education is not to create obscenity and dishonor in man, but the purpose of education is to create a personality in man, to bring a positive change in mind and consciousness, to breathe the spirit of national character, to open the windows of human values.

In fact, education takes a man to the heights of knowledge, from where the creation of knowledge and wisdom begins, and it makes him a scholar who devotes himself to knowledge and spreads the light of knowledge throughout the universe. Scatter in such a way that every special and ordinary person can benefit from it. Education

Is This Education Really Making Us Civilized?

Today, this man who calls himself civilized, modern and educated calls the oldest man uncivilized and wild.

Anyway! We must remember that woman is the name of the great being who is at the same time a mother, and a daughter, a sister, and a wife. In such a situation, education, which exposes this greatest being, is far better than keeping him away from education, instead of educating him, because the existence of anything lasts as long as it exists. Is, as long as its attribute is present within it. Otherwise, its name and mark do not remain.

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