What Are The Responsibilities And Obligations Of A Subsidiary?

There are two types of alternatives:

  • Short term
  • Long term

In general, each type has a different set of duties and responsibilities.

Short Term

Short-term alternate teachers take classes for short periods during work absences.

Long Term

On the other hand, when a teacher is about to make an extension, there is a long-term subscription.

Short-Term Sub-Duties
  • Arrive on time for each class
  • Get proper attendance
  • Simplify the lesson plans left by the teacher
  • Manage classes effectively
  • Submit papers and save safely
  • Leave information for teachers about what is happening in the classroom
  • Make sure students leave class on time
Long-term sub-duties
  • Get proper attendance
  • Create and implement curriculum plans with or without teachers depending on school expectations
  • Manage the class effectively
  • Assignment, Addition, and Grade Assignment
  • Manage the diagnosis
  • If needed, attend the Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Submit official grades at the end of the school grading period
Education Required:

Each state has different rules about alternative education. The following example will show that these requirements are different.


Each county decides its needs for alternate teachers.

In Pascoco County, Florida, alternate teachers have an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, an Associate of Science (AS) degree, or higher, or a reputable college with at least 60 credit hours or Must have the university. In Maori County, Florida, you need at least 60 college credits and a total GPA of 2.50. Also, if your major was non-academic, you will need to attend a two-day class.


Unlike Florida, each county does not have different rules for its alternate teachers.

All substitute teachers in California will have a bachelor’s degree from a regional college or university.


As in Florida, each school district has its own needs. The minimum required replacement in the Austin Independent School District is to complete 60 college hours. However, the education of this school district varies depending on their level of alternative, so most education is their salary individually.

Features of sub-teachers:

There is an alternative way to gain experience in the classroom and learn to go to school yourself. However, being an alternative is not always easy. Since this is a ‘call’, in this case the alternatives are not sure when they will work. It is widely known, that students have a hard time trying to substitute. Also, you are teaching a lesson, that other teachers have been created. So there is little room for creativity. Effective alternatives are features that help them deal with these and other unique situations.

The following are some examples of the following features:

  • Flexible attitude
  • Sense of humor
  • Ability to ‘do’ in situations beyond their control
  • Ability to learn names quickly (not needed but serious help for classroom management issues)
  • Detailed
  • Presence Commander
  • Thick skin
  • Ability to follow instructions set by the teacher
  • Students and love of learning
Sample salary:

Sub-teachers are usually paid a set amount of money for each day’s work. In addition, a difference in pay is made on the basis that the alternative is working on a short or long term basis. Each school district sets its own pay scale, so it is possible to use the potential school district website to learn more.

Current Payment Examples:

Oakland County School District, California:

118 / day for the first 14 days with a teacher. $ 158 / day to $ 138 / day. + 152 / day for 61+ days.

Pauco County School District, Florida:

Payment is based on educational background. Replacement with a high school diploma gets $55 per day. People with a bachelor’s degree or higher receive 65 per day, and retired Passu County teachers earn $75 per day.

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