The Role Of The Teacher In Higher Education And Research

It is an indisputable fact that the dream of higher education and research cannot be realized without a competent, trained, and trained teacher. Teachers can either build educational institutions or sometimes destroy them. Over the past few decades, the focus on research and PhDs has greatly affected the teaching process in educational institutions. Because in the present system, without a Ph.D. education, the opportunities to bring teachers forward on the basis of mere teaching experience have vanished, due to which the focus on education and teaching is gradually decreasing. That is why in this system, most of the focus of young Ph.D. faculty is on their research, publication of dissertations, and completion of research projects.

The Education And Character Building Of Students

As a result, the role of these teachers in the education and character building of students is diminishing, which is certainly a moment of reflection. At the same time, due to the lack of an active teacher training program, the opportunities for training these teachers are generally very limited. The various current teacher training programs, including B.Ed., have failed to highlight the required teaching and learning skills within teachers. He writes in his article that the role of the teacher is central in the process of education, but external change is linked to internal change. Numerous teacher education programs are not succeeding in bringing about the desired change in the teacher. According to him, there are three levels of change required within a teacher through training teacher programs. These are the levels of knowledge, teaching methods, and behavior.

Current education and training teacher programs often make teachers a Knowledge Consumer rather than a Knowledge Producer, in which the substance of creativity is very little.

The role of the teacher is key in any higher education institution.

For Iqbal, knowledge is a stepping stone to the truth. He said that the main purpose of knowledge is to increase the mental capacity and ability of the youth. So that they can fulfill their social responsibilities. Muslims in India should ensure access to modern industrial and vocational education. Given the modern requirements, I can say with certainty that if we do not step into these fields of modern education. As a nation, we have no place in the world. ”

We can look at the role of the teacher from four angles.

  • Role model (sample role)
  • Spiritual father
  • Personality development
  • Spirit
Role of the Teacher:

The first role of the teacher as a role model is very important. It is a common observation that students always discuss and use the life and routines of their best teacher. As a role model, the teacher’s values, habits, manners, and everything else affect the life and personality of the students in one way or another. A teacher who comes to his class ahead of time and teaches the class with full preparation. Of course, punctuality, punctuality, and punctuality help your students to be a part of their personality. If we look at the students of our time, some of the teachers had clear principles and values. They have had a lasting effect on our lives. My own personal observation is that the respect for the teacher in our society is the same today.

Outcome-Based Education:

As teachers, whatever subject or lecture we teach, it is important for us to have a thorough knowledge of it. The purpose of coming to class unprepared is to waste your time and students’ time. When we make a semester plan, we make a complete outline of the academic, teaching, examinations, etc. throughout the semester, and for that, it is important that we have all these plans within our teacher file and university learning management system, So that we have a comprehensive plan for the whole semester. The main purpose of the class is not to teach a few slides to the students, but to inculcate in them the skills through knowledge, skills, and values ​​(attitudes) that will make them a successful and excellent member of the society. This system of education is sometimes called Outcome-Based Education.

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