The Role Of Teachers And Parents In The Training Of Children

It is generally accepted that the teacher’s job is simply to teach and that it is the parents’ job to train, but the fact is that education and training are not two different things, modern educational psychology has combined them both. That education without training and training has no place of its own. Mutual communication between teachers and parents and their occasional meetings are essential for both. For the parents, so that they can get acquainted with the child’s school engagements, his academic development, his activities in the playground, as well as his relationships with peers and friends, and for the teachers so that the children fully understand and no aspect of his private life remained hidden from them.

Judge Child’s Behavior

Parents can tell the teacher a lot about the child’s behavior at home, his moods, his habits, and his likes and dislikes. Different events and situations in the home and accidents have a profound effect on the child’s emotional life, it is very important for the teacher to be aware of all these. The interaction between teachers and parents is also very important because parents have a very close knowledge of the child and teachers have expert knowledge about child psychology. Therefore, meeting and discussing with both parties can produce results that have a positive effect on the child’s life and that can provide useful guidance for the child, Both the teacher and the parent have the same goal, and that is the child and his well-being,

So when they both work for the same purpose, if they have cooperation and collaboration, they continue to meet each other, know each other’s ideas and each other’s problems, then this work is certainly done in a better way.

Prepare The Child For The Rigorous Test Of Life

The greatest and most sacred duty of the teacher is to prepare the child for the rigorous test of life. It is important to look at the child’s academic life as well as his / her practical life, for which teachers need the help and cooperation of parents and their liaison with them. The reason for this is that the teachers in the school meet the children for a very short time, due to which the children are not completely free from the teacher. Therefore his whole life cannot be exposed to the teacher. In contrast, the child is completely free at home, and his whole life is an open book in front of the parents.

Child Group Instinct Training:

In the present age, education and its purpose is the training of all the abilities of the child and the satisfaction of his whole being, that is, his full development. The child’s group instincts also show up at home but are more pronounced at school. At school, when the child meets a lot of Julie and his contemporaries to play, the teacher has to control the huge number of children. The teacher should take advantage of the children’s group instincts on this occasion.

Children also learn a lot from each other, sharing food, not violating anyone’s rights, supporting each other in bad situations, working in a group spirit, and for their own party, these are all things that children learn. Come to the training of group instincts. Children who play games show the same instincts in them. As long as your little boy and the little girl in the neighborhood are in their homes with their parents, there are little children who tease their mother and father for the slightest thing and do mischief at home.

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