The Role Of Parents And Teachers In Educating Children

Children’s education begins with their birth. The role of parents is most important in the education and training of children. We know that the mother’s lap is called the first school. Education and training are the two things that feed the human soul. When the child comes into the world and opens his eyes and when the call to prayer is given in his ear. From that moment on, his training begins. Psychologists believe that a child is quick to accept the effects of his environment and that this is true. He embraces what he hears and sees around him. At this age, the child cannot distinguish between right and wrong, because he is in the process of learning.

Parents’ Responsibilities

In proportion to what he sees and hears, a sketch is formed in the child’s mind, which is preserved in his mind. Psychologists believe that a child’s brain is like a blank sheet of paper and a blank slate. From an early age, it is the parents’ responsibility to provide them with the environment they need. Because the environment in which he will live among people, whatever he sees them doing will be written on this blank piece of paper or slate. The image that will now be preserved for life. The environment in which the child will live, with whom he will sit and leave. He will learn their manners on his own. Gradually, this responsibility falls on the shoulders of teachers after a few years.

Most Important Elements Of Society

The two most important elements of society are parents and teachers, both of which depend on the education and training of the child. It is generally believed that training is the responsibility of parents and the education of teachers. While in practice this is not the case. Although the responsibility of education is more on the teacher, he is not free from the duty of training. Similarly, parents have a greater responsibility to train but they cannot separate themselves from their child’s education. The famous French designer Christian de Aur, who founded one of the world’s top fashion houses, said, “The secret of true politeness is excellent training. Expensive costumes, stunning cosmetics, and dazzling beauty are in no way comparable to excellent training. ”

Role of Teacher In Educating Children

Along with parents, teachers also play a vital role in educating children. In Islam, the teacher is given the status of a spiritual parent, because if the parents improve the physical appearance of the child. So the teacher refines their inner self. Are today’s teachers teaching as well as training students on the lines that are their responsibility as teachers? A teacher is a role model for his students. Students accept the effect of the process more than the teacher’s lecture. The best teacher is the one who wants to see the qualities in his students. Make them part of your caste. Wants to mirror the habits and characteristics of his students.

Why is Teacher Support Important in Education?

Make them obligatory on yourself. If teachers are good morals, compassionate, patient, and patient. So these habits will be found especially in their students, and this is a great example of training. This is the reason why education and training have come together in every society and every nation all over the world. That is why it is said that the child’s first school is the mother’s arms. It was also said that a mother produces a good generation with good education and training. The child’s education and training at home are not only for the mother. Rather, it is the responsibility of both the mother and the father and the first role model for the child is the parents.

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