The Declining Morals And Values Of Teachers

In today’s age of modern technology and computers where immorality, immorality, disorder, shamelessness, immorality, immorality are common all around, new generations are on the path of destruction. The educated young generation of the developed society is a victim of immorality and oppression. Today’s educational institutions and centers are decorating children with a machine instead of making them human. Apart from the students, the teachers themselves have reached the last stage of moral decay.

Importance of Teacher in Student life

Whereas since ancient times teachers have been considered as the architects of the country and the nation. There is no doubt that the teacher has an important role to play in shaping a better society. From a moral point of view, we are in decline only because we are not able to control our own language. A teacher himself is a victim of immorality and bad language. It does not have the style of sitting or getting up. Talking rudely to children. Getting angry and cursing even their parents is having such a bad effect on the minds of children that our society is heading towards a terrible decline and we are not even aware that we are uncivilized, in which ditch will they fall.

Role Of Teachers For The Development Of Any Society

As we all know, the role of teachers is very important for the development of any society. Therefore, many intellectuals and thinkers have often expressed their views on the role of teachers in their speeches and writings. In Gandhi’s view, teachers are very important, he believes that it is very important to have many qualities in teachers.

For example, they should be a mirror of good manners, so that they can produce good students in society. It is imperative for them to develop in their students the ability to distinguish between good and bad and to understand them. His theory is that the virtue of a good teacher is to incorporate these qualities and abilities into himself.

What He Wants To See Inside His Students.

He believed that what teachers wanted to teach their students, they should first include in their practical life. So that they can give better education to their students, and society can be influenced by them. In their view, it is the duty of the teachers to inculcate in the students a tendency to learn, and to guide them according to their interests and passions, and at the same time to play an important role in overcoming their worries and difficulties. It is important for a good teacher to guide students step by step and find solutions to their problems. He was of the opinion that teachers should also have the responsibility to train the minds of their students as well as their hearts.

In The Eyes of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Teachers should be responsible, hardworking, and dutiful. In his view, the teacher is like a candle, the way a candle burns and illuminates itself. In the same way, the teacher should work hard to spread the light of education in the lives of his students. He said that a teacher should present an ideal personality to his students so that they can be impressed. He believes that teachers should perform their duties responsibly and guide the students step by step and lay the foundation for their golden future.

Role of Teachers in the Education System

Ravinder Nath Tagore understands the importance of the role of teachers in the education system. According to him, a good teacher is one who teaches students as well as himself in the pursuit of knowledge at all times. He believed that no teacher could be successful unless he considered himself a student. If he keeps thinking that he has acquired complete knowledge and no longer needs to learn or read anything, it can be detrimental to him. Because this thinking will never allow him to become a good teacher, nor will his teaching method be effective. Such a person cannot truly attract students to acquire knowledge. In his eyes, the example of the teacher is like a candle, whose job is to light.

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