Survey for Student Feedback to Improve the Direction

The use of year-end students has the effect of improving teachers

During the summer break, or at the end of a quarter, trimester or semester, teachers will have the opportunity to consider their lessons. The teacher’s reflection can be improved by involving the student’s opinion, and it is easier to gather the student’s opinion if the teachers use surveys such as the following.

The Research Uses Student Feedback

Was designed to identify and promote the best teaching methods. Designed in such a way that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded three-year study, the Mate Pro project, “demonstrates that great teaching is possible by combining three types of initiatives:

  • Classroom observations
  • Student Survey
  • Achieving student success

Mate Mate collected information from students about their classroom environment through surveys. This information provided a “concrete attitude, which can help teachers improve.”

“Seven C” for feedback

The Mate Mate Project focuses on “seven C’s” in its student survey; each question represents one of the characteristics of teachers, which can focus on improving teachers.

Student Care (Encouragement and Support)

Survey Question: “The teacher in this class has encouraged me to do my best.”

(Learning is interesting and relevant)

Survey Question: “This class keeps my attention, I’m not bored.”

Communicating with students (students have respected their views)

Survey Question: “My teacher has given us time to explain my ideas.”

Controlling Behavior (Support Facility and Peer Support)

Survey Question: “Our class stays busy and doesn’t waste time.”

Clear Lessons (Success seems Possible)

Survey Question: “When I’m confused, my teacher knows how to help me understand.”

Challenging student (pressure, patience, and toughness to test)

Survey Question: “My teacher wants us not to use our thinking abilities, not just to memorize things.”

Strengthening Knowledge (Ideas Coherent and Integrated)

Survey Question: “My teacher takes the time to summarize learning every day.”

The results of the Mate project have been released. Using a student survey in view of success, one of the key findings involved a key role. “Exam scores, student feedback, and student achievement gains were better than teachers’ experience on student achievement compared to a graduate degree or year experience with state exam students.”

Should The Council Use The Council?

There are many different ways to get feedback from students. Depending on the teacher’s skills with technology, the three different options listed below can be valued to improve the curriculum, activities, and instruction from students in the coming school year.  Some teachers will ask students not to write their names on their papers. If students feel their reaction to the incredible handwriting, they can type it or give their opinion to someone else. Survey questions can be designed as open-ended or closed, and these two types of questions are used for different purposes, which require evaluation to analyze and interpret the data differently.

For example, students may be answered on a pendant scale. They can answer open-ended questions, or they can write a letter to an incoming student. Which is the difference in using the survey form? Because the use of formats and the nature of the question teacher will affect such answers and deviations, which can be achieved. Teachers should also be aware that survey responses can sometimes be negative. This should come as no surprise. Teachers should pay attention to the survey questions. They can be developed to get important information to improve.

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