Some Important Duties Of Students

Student’s first duty:

The first and foremost duty of a student is to adorn himself with the adornment of higher education. There is no doubt that children’s sports are also important. Running, jumping, and playing is essential for good physical health. If the body is weak or has a defect in it, then its mental health will also deteriorate.

According to a psychologist, a sound mind can only exist in a healthy and sound body. So we cannot deny the need for physical exercise and health, but we often find that children spend most of their time playing, jumping and neglecting their education and study, to get things done on time. Teachers give. They do not do this, which results in them falling behind their classmates in education and some students fail exams due to not doing regular school work and are forced to drop out of school. , And live the life of an ignorant and illiterate man forever. They have no respect. Therefore, it is the duty of every student to devote most of his / her time to reading and writing along with sports and exercise. The wise say that knowledge is great wealth, which no thief can steal, and this wealth is useful to man for life.

The Second Duty Of The Student:

The second major duty of the student is to respect the mother, father, teacher, and other elders, and to obey their commands, the child respects the parents and is willing to serve them. He not only enjoys peace and tranquility in this world but also eternal bliss. Parents work hard for the upbringing, education, and development of their children, they cut their stomachs and feed them. According to the sages, the status of the mother is the highest status for human beings. She makes all kinds of sacrifices for the sake of her child. She takes care of him by waking up at night. If your food is not available, it must be for medicine. She herself will be hungry, but she will not be able to see the baby bubbling hungry. She will fill her stomach with every trick. That is why the child who grows upturns his back on the service and help of his parents. It is very unfortunate. In such a case, his higher teachings become useless. His wealth is a curse to him.

The Third Duty Of The Student:

The third duty of the student is towards society. He should help the needy living in his neighborhood. Show the way to the lost wanderers. Help the children of the neighborhood who are lagging behind in education to read and write. If there is a fire or an accident, go to the scene and help the people in distress. If a person is seen damaging government property or stealing government property, report it immediately to the police station.

The Fourth Duty Of The Student:

Another duty of the student is to study his national history and traditions wholeheartedly, so that a spirit of patriotism may develop and develop in him. Young people are the best wealth of the country. They are the soldiers of the nation and the defenders of the freedom of the nation. So if their education is not in the right way, then they cannot become good citizens. It is important to instill in the student the spirit of sacrifice for the sake of the homeland and the nation from childhood.

The Fifth Duty Of The Student:

It is also the duty of the student to get an education that suits his physical strengths and talents and interferes with his practical life. He should not be ashamed of hard work. Simple living and lofty ideals should be their principle. It is the duty of every child to acquire truth, honesty, compassion, cooperation, selflessness, service to the people, and other such qualities and feelings. Because only people with such good qualities and feelings are the guarantors of the country’s development, strength, and prosperity.

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