Respect for the Teacher

We started our education in low schools. We are also honored that we have been beaten by our teachers and have never complained in their house and yes if Amy John ever found out, That we have beaten the respected teacher in school today, so he also created us according to his ability, that we must have done something that the respected teacher has beaten us. This process reminded us that teachers are respected no matter what and their killing is an honor for us and it is a great lesson for our practical life, that we should not be bad for our country in any way.

Respect of Teacher is More Important than anything else

Think and do not speak against your elders and do not let the honor of your elders diminish. Whatever position we hold, we should cherish the honor of our teacher above all else, and thank God, that is so far. We never even dared to smoke in front of our university teachers. In small parties, it was unthinkable. It is the charity of our low schools and illiterate mothers that we do not even dare to raise our heads in front of the teachers. This is what we have taught those whom we have endowed with the wealth of knowledge, to do the literature of their elders, and to love their country more than anything else.

How to Teachers Treat Respect:

We are also proud that our disciples have never done anything wrong in their service and they have honored us to this day, even if they were in a very high position, and we have to go to them for some work. So he did not sit on his big chair in front of us and approached us respectfully. This is the grace of Allah and the result of the training of our teachers and parents. Today we have a new generation of kingdoms, educated in schools with good rooms and furniture. But they were not trained, because even if the teacher ever gave them a minor punishment by mistake, the resurrection of that teacher was broadcast.

Are Teachers Undervalued:

Now the regular teachers are commanded that they cannot speak loudly to the students and if the teacher verbally reprimands his student, he will have to spend the night in jail. That the teacher cannot reprimand a student for not doing his homework and that no matter what the student does, the teacher has no right to advise him. Even if he scolds the student for something wrong, the teacher’s night may be spent in police custody, and then he will have to bring someone to bail.

Should Teachers be Allowed to Hit Student?

Along with this, it is also commanded that if the result of a teacher’s essay is less, he will be punished for it. That is, now Iqbal’s poem fits the teacher perfectly. There is also an order not to let your clothes get wet. Now, what will the helpless teacher do, that he can neither be harsh on the students nor rebuke them for not working, then who will be the student who will do his schoolwork by making his nights bitter and if he reads If not, it is doomed to fail. But the whole responsibility is on the teacher anyway. His salary may be cut off, and he may be transferred to a remote school as punishment. Thus, it is not wrong to say that the position of the teacher in society, as a nation, we are bent on ignoring it completely.

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