Innumerable Talents and Strengths in Teachers

What are the Strengths of the Teacher?

Dr. Zakir Hussain also puts teachers in the category of very responsible and dutiful. According to him, it is very important for a good teacher to have good manners and character so that he can guide the students in the right way. According to him, teachers should inculcate in their student’s such abilities and virtues that they can understand the difference between good and evil. He believes that the goal of a good teacher is to encourage his students everywhere and to create positive thinking in their character and to develop their personality properly. According to him, a good teacher distinguishes his students from self-observation, study, and experimentation.

The Importance Of The Teacher:

In the words of S. Gorden, no matter how beautiful a school building and its boundaries may be, no matter how abundant and modern teaching aids may be, yet the quality of school work depends only on the personality of the teacher. Depends on.

The future of the country largely depends on the country’s teachers. If the teacher is of the third rank, then no power can raise the country above the third rank. Similarly, in the presence of a first-class teacher, the country will remain first-class.

Characteristics Of The Teacher:

The report of the Education Commission of India has almost said that the future of the country is shaped in the classroom and obviously we cannot deny the importance of the teacher in this formation. In fact, the performance of any system depends on the characteristics of the teacher. In the presence of a bad teacher, a good education system will be ruined and if a teacher is good, a bad education system will be taken over. What is special about this is that the method of teaching is not that information should be poured from one bucket to another like a bucket of water. Rather, its status is like the light of a lamp, which burns hundreds of lamps. The most important thing for a teacher is his own personality because educators agree that the teacher’s personality has the greatest impact on students.

What is personality, And what is it made of?

Psychologists disagree. Yet the personality of a teacher or lecturer includes personal appearance, heartfelt style, somewhat less eloquence, broad-mindedness, sincerity, empathy, opportunism, excellent voice, etc. When we talk about personality, we mean more physical ability than mental ability. But the soul is more involved in the formation of personality than the body. Good moral training is also necessary for the teacher, such as clarity, honesty, simplicity, gentleness, perseverance, compassion and kindness, tolerance, good manners, anthropology, judgment, individualism, politeness, understanding, opportunity Cognition, expediency, and self-discipline are essential qualities that are essential to be dear to every heart.

Double Standards Personality:

Teachers who are narrow-minded, short-tempered, and vindictive are generally unpopular. Students are very popular and recognize their teacher very quickly. For this reason, it is important to avoid double standards. The teacher and the teacher should have the same outward and inward appearance. Unnecessarily highlighting yourself is also not a favorite pastime. He should have a high level of character and a sense of responsibility. Many people consider the status of a teacher to be equal to that of a parent. They respect the teacher more than the parents because the parents give life to the children and the teacher teaches the skill to make that life meaningful.

The Best Defender In The Country:

The teacher is considered the best defender in the country, and education is the best weapon for safety. Someone asked Alexander, “Why do you respect the teacher more than your father?” He replied, “My father brought me from heaven to earth, but my teacher brought me from the earth to the heights of heaven.” It would not be out of place to say that a teacher is either the sweetest or the bitterest experience in the vastness of life. Because it has been acknowledged by countless examples that either a teacher makes a student’s life or a student’s life is ruined forever.

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