Guidelines for Successful Teachers

The best teacher is the one who specializes in psychology, ethics, and spirituality at the same time. The characteristics of each of these skills are deeply related to other skills. We will, therefore, mention some common principles for these three skills.


A good teacher is sincere with his profession. The more selfless he is with his profession, the more his interest will increase and the less the obstacles will stand in his way. Sincerity is the essence, which creates pleasure in action.

Best practical role:

The student looks at his teacher very closely, so the teacher’s gait, habits, and manners begin to unfold in him unconsciously. I will put an incident in front of you in this regard. It so happened that one day my watch was bad, so I went to class wearing my family’s watch. During the lesson, I tried my best to keep the watch hidden in my clothes. The student was talking, he was referring to something I said in class, but I don’t remember. When I asked further, he said: “Teacher, the day you came wearing a ladies watch.” I was amazed at how deeply the students read the teacher, but after reading, they remember it and share it with others.


A good teacher is one who has the attribute of gratitude in his nature. Thanksgiving refers to its three types, namely, heart, linguistic, and practical. The heartfelt gratitude of the administrators of the institution to which he is associated is very much needed.


Humility is an essential attribute of a teacher. Shame means that he is fed up with things/things that are considered undesirable by Allah, and going towards such things may be expensive for him. If there is shame in the teacher, then this attribute will definitely be contagious, but it is unfortunate that the mobile has reduced the shame of us teachers, if not eliminated.

A Sense Of Responsibility:

It is evident from observation and experience that a major cause of irresponsible behavior of students is the irresponsible temperament of the teacher. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business.

Good Company:

A good teacher is one who has a good mood, sits with good people, and has a good society. According to the hadith, it should be like perfume, through which the passer-by must be at least fragrant, and not like a blacksmith whose companion has to endure the heat of the furnace. Kindness and correction should be related to bad people but not friendship.

Patience And Endurance:

The importance of patience and perseverance in the field of education and purification is doubled. Allah has repeatedly instructed the Prophets. The better a teacher is, the more successful he will be.

Strength And Fidelity:

A good professional is one who has the qualities of strength and trust. Even the most incompetent student gets a good idea of ​​his teacher’s academic ability. The teacher’s “trust” depends on how careful and generous he is in passing on the knowledge.


A good teacher never loses his temper. His example is like that of a fruit seller who praises a fruit in front of his customer in such a way that he is compelled to take more instead of a little. “Sir, it’s not just banana season, its customers can’t be found nowadays. Seeing this, the bananas are starting to turn black. Thankfully, someone has come. It is sad to say that the value of the knowledge we are “selling” is not even in our own hearts, which is why frustration is being passed on to the students through the teacher.

Moral courage:

A good teacher has moral courage. Remember, moral courage has to do with morality. No matter how bad things are inside you, there will be a lack of moral courage until you get rid of them.

Consistency in word and deed:

A teacher whose words and deeds are contradictory is a notorious and failed teacher.

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