Compassion and Respect. The Foundations Of The Teacher-Student Relationship

One of the days of the year that our society attaches special importance to is Teacher’s Day, which is celebrated all over the country on September 8 every year. On this occasion, meetings, discussions, and various colorful programs of this nature are organized to pay homage to the teachers engaged in a respectable and sacred profession.

Teachers’ Day Celebration Now a Days:

We all know that this memorable day, Teachers’ Day, is celebrated on the birthday of Dr. Sarupali Radha Krishnan, the first Vice President of India and the second President of the Republic. He was promoted to the rank of President of the Republic. He liked to call himself a teacher. He was very humble. He was so popular with his students that when he left the university, the students decorated a horse-drawn carriage, carried him on their shoulders instead of horses, and took him to the station with wet eyes.

Today, of course, we celebrate Teachers’ Day with pomp and circumstance. The condition of teachers has definitely improved, they have made all kinds of material progress, but this is only one side of the picture. The other side of it is so blurred and noticeable that it tells us that the strong teacher-student relationship that once existed is now much weaker. There was a time when the teacher was considered a personality builder and the architect of the nation and even the rulers of the time paid homage to their teacher.

Example of Teacher Honor:

The story of Alexander the Great is well-known that he was traveling with his teacher Aristotle when a river came along the way. Alexander the Great insisted that he be given the opportunity to measure the depth of the river. Aristotle restrained Alexander and said, “I am your teacher. You must obey me.” I will land in the water first. Alexander replied bluntly, “Dear teacher, your life may be lost in this process.” Therefore, I will never allow the world to lose a worthy teacher like you. Hundreds of Alexander together cannot produce one Aristotle, while one Aristotle can produce hundreds or thousands of Alexander. Alexander’s words are also very famous: “My parents sent me down from heaven to earth, while my teacher took me from the earth to the height of heaven.” ”

Status of teachers in Society:

The status of teachers in society was central and pivotal. The well-being of society depended on the well-being and energy of the teachers. The teacher was highly respected. He was considered honorable and respected as his father. Literature and respect were an integral part of education.

A rare example of love and affection for a teacher is Ibn Qayyim. When his teacher Ibn Taymiyyah was imprisoned in the Damascus citadel, the student did not part with the teacher. He demanded that he be imprisoned in the fort with the teacher, so he was also locked up.

Importance of teachers:

The importance of teachers is also shown by the fact that all religions of the world have urged to pay the rights of parents and teachers along with the rights of Allah. The role that a mother plays in the training of a child is later played by a teacher. The teacher not only teaches the curriculum, but he also does the work of personality building. Also gives training along with education. Today’s child will be tomorrow’s ideal citizen. He has to take the first lesson from his teachers, and under their supervision, the child steps on the ladder of youth. He not only gets curricular knowledge from his teachers but also morals, civilization, and culture.

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