A Teacher’s Message to Parents

To be a teacher you have to have patience, and if you are a children’s teacher, you have to have a mountain of patience. Yes, teaching children is an equally difficult and tedious task. It is also important to be emotionally and mentally strong because you have to convince not only the ignorant and emotional children to obey you, but also to get them together. The style of playing and reading together also has to be taught. Teaching them new things, telling them about the world, teaching them lessons is a different stage.

Ability to Control Your Emotions:

You have to have the ability to control your emotions, through which you can control other people, and children, and you also have to have a very good style of ‘sweet language’, and of course it is the job of the heart and kidneys to do it all together. It should also be kept in mind that a teacher does not have the respect he deserves in society, and his remuneration is low. Anyone who has been a teacher for a long time needs emotional support.

Negative Effects of Society on Children:

The other day a teacher who used to teach pre-nursery children sent a message to the parents and explained the real reasons for breaking off their relationship with teaching, which is the problem of every teacher in today’s society.

People think I quit teaching because I didn’t get paid. It was easier for people to understand that I quit teaching because of money, or then I got another good job. Rather than knowing the real reason, some people will say that if one thinks like this and finds solace in thinking like that, then it is a good thing. But I’m not one of them. I want to tell people, what were the real reasons for me to leave my sacred profession like teaching. Many parents today say that their children have become smarter and faster. But that’s not really the case. Children are children, they are like innocent flowers. In fact, parents can’t train their children the way they should. In addition, society has also changed, and its negative effects leave the most on children.

What can we expect from them when they do not have the right environment to learn?

Today’s parents have a job, which they do not know for hours, and when they are at home. So keep your own mobile phone, TV, on the Internet, which is why children do not train properly. The media has a huge impact on children, which makes them rude, so we say that today’s children are very fast. Children do the most mischief in the place where they feel most secure. They have the skill to examine the environment and know where their mischief will be answered with love and kindness, where they will be taught etiquette attentively. That is why most children misbehave at home, get angry, and become stubborn.

What Would You Say About Children Who Do All This At School, Who Fight Angrily At School, Overturn Tables?

That they are not getting a safe environment at home, they are not getting the attention they deserve from their parents. On the other hand, today’s schools also pay more attention to the fact that instead of teaching the child distinction, method, etiquette of living in the society, teach technology, teach computer operation, and the school people have the answer. , That we live in the twenty-first century. Children should be more than one in technology. The result is that children forget about relationships, they don’t learn manners, how to communicate in games, how to get up and sit down. The ghost of technology is loaded on them because it is good for the school profile.

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